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The relationship between CAN and CANopen

What is CAN?

CAN is Controller Area Network. CAN bus is a kind of field bus developed by Bosch. Unlike the previous 232 or 485 bus, the CAN bus is relatively inexpensive and the stability is very good. Therefore, it was first used in the automotive electronics industry. After later research, CAN was found. The bus has more advantages, so it has been used in industries such as industry and medical care, and has received a lot of praise so far.

What is CANopen

Simply speaking, CANopen is a CAN with protocol, and then based on your own experience, a brief introduction to the relationship between CAN and CANopen

The physical layer of CAN has three layers, PLS, PMA and MDI. The link layer of data is divided into two layers, MAC and LLC. The standard for these layers is ISO11898, which is the most primitive CAN protocol. Later, after development by engineers, CANopen based on CAN base layer protocol was developed. The CANopen standard is CiA301, so CANopen is CAN with protocol. A comparison chart of CAN and ISO is given below.

CAN and CANopen
CAN and CANopen proper noun:

1. PDO program data object - The input and output corresponding to the actual physical quantity. The unit of data may be RPM, V, Hz, mAmp....
2. SDO Service Data Object - Generally, it is the configuration data, such as node position, node ID, communication speed, displacement, gain, etc. ......
3. COB-ID - CAN object number
4. CAN ID - CAN Identifier. is the message identifier in front of each CAN message, a total of 11 bits.
5. EDS - Electronic data sheet is an archive in INI format or XML format (starting at the end of 2007).
6. DCF - Device configuration file, an enhanced version of EDS that sets the node ID and communication speed.
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