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Introduction of Ethernet-CAN converter GCAN-202 (R2) and use

The GCAN-202 gateway module is a high-performance CAN-bus bus communication interface card that integrates two CAN interfaces and one Ethernet interface. With the GCAN-202 gateway module, engineers can easily interconnect the CAN-bus network and the Ethernet network, further expanding the range of CAN-bus networks. The following describes the use of its PC connection.
First connect the GCAN-202 (R2) module to the computer. The specific performance is: use +9~24V DC (recommended to use +12V or +24V standard power supply) to supply power to the module. When the device is powered normally, the user can use the PC. The Ethernet interface of the machine is directly connected to the LAN interface of GCAN-202 (R2) to establish communication. The "CANet Config" configuration software on the PC is used to configure its working mode and basic operating parameters.

After the computer and GCAN-202 (R2) are successfully connected, we will start to restore the factory settings of the module. The specific method is: GCAN-202 (R2) hardware default IP:, if the user has modified the IP address and Forget, you can reset its parameters by long pressing the reset button.
After the GCAN-202 (R2) of Guangcheng Technology is powered on, find the reset button in the device as shown above, press the button for about 5-6 seconds, and the SYS indicator and the CAN1 and CAN2 indicators flash alternately, indicating that the system The parameter has been reset. When the button is released, the GCAN-202 (R2) is powered back on and the system is restored to the factory settings.
After restoring the GCAN-202 (R2) module to the factory settings, we began to change the IP address of the PC. This is because the user needs to ensure that the user's PC is in use before communicating with the GCAN-202 (R2) using a PC. Ethernet card, and the PC and Guangcheng Technology GCAN-202 (R2) must be in the same network segment. The GCAN-202 (R2) device is factory-set with a default IP address ( and gateway ( The user can check whether the device is the same as the user PC according to the process shown in the figure. network segment.
Finally, the user needs to set the Windows and modify the IP address of the machine. The operation method is: the operating system used by the user is Windows XP/7, 8, 10, and the user can modify the IP address of the machine to set the IP address of the machine. network segment. Windows 8 and Windows 10 operations refer to Windows 7 systems. After entering the operating system, enter the control panel of the machine → enter "Network Connection" (WinXP) or "Network and Sharing Center" (Win7, 8, 10) → enter the "Local Area Connection" property → "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) "(winXP) or "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP)" (Win7) properties, the interface shown as shown. Click Modify in the “IP Address” column and enter the IP address of the same network segment as GCAN-202 (R2). As shown in Figure 3.2, you can add and modify the IP address of the PC. If the user obtains the IP address mode automatically, you can select “Use the following IP address” in the operation of Figure 3.2 and enter the IP address of the same network segment as GCAN-202 (R2).