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Guangcheng CAN communication interface equipment (3)

Question 1: How many V voltage power supplies should Guangcheng Technology's CAN communication interface equipment use to provide power support?
A: Guangcheng Technology's can communication interface equipment is divided into categories that can be directly applied to the computer's USB interface and those that require external power supply. It can be said that the USB interface can be used to supply power directly, and the remaining devices that require external power supply , Their power supply range is generally 5-24V, that is to say, as long as it is within this range, whether it is 9V, 12V or how much, you can use it freely. Of course, if the power supply voltage in your hand is slightly higher than 24V, it can also be used reluctantly, but don't exceed 30V. In that case, there is a risk of damage to the components of the device. Please pay attention. In the process of using the device, in order to prevent the device from being damaged by high voltage, on the one hand, as mentioned above, the power supply interface of the device should not be connected to a power supply that exceeds the rated voltage. On the other hand, since the communication of the CAN communication interface device is also based on differential voltage signals, its CAN channel should also be powered, but generally it is lower than 5V, which is less than the minimum rated power supply voltage. If you connect the power cord If you enter it, there is a risk of burning the device, please pay special attention.
Question 2: Why is the price difference of Guangcheng Technology's CAN communication interface equipment so large?
Answer: The reason why you see Guangcheng Technology's CAN communication interface equipment is several hundred yuan, there are several thousand yuan, this is because their structural complexity is different, the higher the complexity of the equipment, the more expensive the price, because the general At this time, it will integrate more CAN bus channels and support more software functions, which is the general reason. At the same time, some types of CAN communication interface devices have special functions that other types of tools do not have. For example, USBCAN OBD comes with an OBD interface. When you use it, you don’t need to connect an OBD connector. You can directly plug it in and use it, which is very convenient. This is also the reason why various types of Guangcheng technology can communication interface equipment have different prices. You can make your choice according to your actual needs.
Question 3: What should I do if the communication interface equipment of Guangcheng Technology is broken? Does it support warranty?
Answer: This should be divided into different situations. Generally speaking, our CAN communication interface devices support 7 days replacement and 1 year warranty. That is to say, if your CAN communication interface device is not damaged to the point of "injury to muscles and bones", we will repair it for you free of charge during the one-year warranty period. So, what is the damage to the bones? For example, if the CPU of your device is burned and cannot be used, this is called broken muscles, because the CPU is not working, the entire device is completely meaningless to repair. If you still insist on repairing, we will Charge a certain amount of maintenance fee and material fee. So what are the conditions that can be repaired for free? For example, if your CAN communication interface device is damaged or dropped due to collision, wrong connection, etc., the CAN transceiver, power supply module, TVS magnetic coupling isolation chip are damaged or dropped. We can repair it for you free of charge.