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Guangcheng CAN communication interface equipment (2)

Question 1: Can these CAN communication interface devices of Guangcheng Technology realize the filtering function?
Answer: The CAN communication interface devices of Guangcheng Technology can realize the filtering function, because they can all work through ECANTOOLS software, and the filtering function is one of the core functions of ECANTOOLS. You don’t need to worry about this. Speaking of the filtering function, here we have to say a few words, why does the can communication interface device use the filtering function? That is because, when the CAN communication interface device is working, it will send and receive a large amount of CAN bus data, and only part of these CAN data is needed by us, and other parts can be omitted. Therefore, in order to improve work efficiency and reduce the time of data transmission and reception, CAN analysis software such as ECANTOOLS integrates a filtering function, that is, to filter data according to the data frame ID of CAN data. It's more demanding than blocking. Isn't it a lot of trouble in this case?
Question 2: Can Guangcheng Technology's CAN communication interface device parse out the bus protocol of the car?
Answer: This question should be looked at like this. If you just want to get the most basic low-level protocol of the CAN bus of the car, it is indeed achievable to use the can communication interface device of Guangcheng Technology. The method used is the control variable method, that is, the device and the After the target CAN bus and the computer are all connected, let the CAN bus device generate action variables, such as opening and closing the door. At this time, observe the computer equipped with the detection software. Which of the above data has changed, then it corresponds to the door opening and closing action just now , The same is true for parsing elsewhere. However, as also mentioned above, using the CAN communication interface device of Guangcheng Technology can only parse out the most basic low-level protocol. If you want to research more complicated ones, the CAN communication interface device will be helpless. You have to think of other methods. Try it.
Question 3: Does the CAN communication interface equipment of Guangcheng Technology support the international CAN standard of ISO11898?
Answer: It is definitely supported, because ISO11898 is the most basic CAN bus standard. If your device does not meet this standard, even running it is a problem. How can you do other things?