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The importance of USB to CAN debugger

Compared with other industrial field buses, especially the serial bus, the CAN bus has many unparalleled advantages, such as:
1. The communication distance of the CAN bus is long, and it can reach ten kilometers at the farthest. This is beyond the imagination of the serial bus. Even the far-reaching RS485 transmitted in them can only be more than one kilometer at best. The long communication distance of the field bus increases the adaptability to the project. At the same time, it reduces the dependence on the data repeater and reduces the difficulty and cost of use.
2. The CAN bus adopts a multi-host communication method, that is to say, on the CAN bus, each connected node device is a host, they can freely send or receive data, and the work efficiency is very high. And the serial bus? For example, RS485 adopts the structure of a master and other slaves. Only the master can give orders, and other nodes can only receive passively. Compared with the CAN bus, the gap is really not a little. Some people may ask, all nodes on the CAN bus are masters, is it not a mess to send commands together? Don't worry, the CAN bus itself has a design that determines the transmission priority based on the data ID, which can ensure that the situation you are worried about does not occur.
3. The CAN bus has its own CRC check error detection mechanism. If a certain node has a problem, it will automatically lock itself and no longer contact other nodes on the bus to avoid the continuous transmission of errors and the collapse of the entire line. This What the serial bus can't do.
From the brief introduction above, we can see that the CAN bus can become the most popular field bus on the market today, which is not groundless, and its comprehensive performance is really powerful. However, although the CAN bus is so good, it is not impossible to go wrong. Because the CAN bus is responsible for the control of automobiles or automated production lines, we must ensure its normal operation to prevent accidents. It is for this reason that the USB to CAN debugger came into being, such as the USBCAN II PRO of Shenyang Guangcheng Technology.
Shenyang Guangcheng Technology USBCAN II PRO USB to CAN debugger is a high-performance CAN-bus communication interface card with integrated 2-way CAN interface. Shenyang Guangcheng Technology USBCAN II PRO type USB to CAN debugger is compatible with the USB2.0 bus full speed specification, adopts USBCAN-IIPro high-performance CAN interface card, and the PC can be quickly connected to the CAN-bus network through the USB interface to form a fieldbus laboratory , Industrial control, intelligent community, automotive electronics network and other CAN-bus network field data processing, data acquisition CAN-bus network control node.
Shenyang Guangcheng Technology USBCAN II PRO USB to can debugger is a powerful tool for CAN-bus product development and CAN-bus data analysis. It also has the characteristics of small size, plug-and-play, and is also the choice of portable system users. The USBCAN-IIPro interface card has its own USB interface and integrates a CAN interface electrical isolation protection module to prevent damage to the device due to instantaneous overcurrent/overvoltage and enhance the reliability of the system in harsh environments.