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Micro PLC for coal mining

The entire coal mining system is roughly divided into the following parts:  
 1. Coal stripping equipment. This equipment is mainly to gradually crush the coal seam into small pieces, so that it can be transported to the ground via a conveyor belt and transported away. Some of them look like drills and others look like picks, but they all have the same purpose, big and small.
 2. Coal transportation equipment. They are mainly equipment for transferring small pieces of coal from the stripped coal seam to the outside. Generally, the most commonly used equipment is conveyor belts.    
3. Lighting equipment. This need not be explained too much.    
4. Air-conditioning ventilation equipment, which is responsible for the emission of gas combustible gas in the underground mine and the input of external oxygen, which can prevent gas explosion and provide breathing oxygen to the workers in the mine.    
The above are some of the nodal equipment to be applied in the entire coal mining system. Depending on the actual situation, some other things need to be added. But no matter what is added or what is missing, this whole set of coal mining equipment should be controlled by PLC as a whole. Countless IO control modules are connected to each node, and they transmit control commands issued by the upper computer to let the nodes run. When issuing commands, these IO nodes will also collect the information of the node equipment, and then feedback back to the upper computer through the communication bus. After countless cycles of continuous control operation, countless coals have been dug out from the ground for our production and living use. Then the question comes, what kind of PLC equipment is best to choose for mining coal?  
 Because of the small space for coal mining, if you choose PLC equipment, it is better to have a small PLC with a small size. This type of PLC equipment is generally realized by pluggable IO modules. Some of its IO function modules support digital and some support analog. What kind of control content do you need, you can combine them yourself. Very convenient. At the same time, since these micro PLCs appear relatively late, they generally come with a CAN bus communication interface, so you don't have to worry about PLCs not being able to communicate via CAN bus. Among the many types of micro PLC equipment, Shenyang Guangcheng Technology's GCAN-PLC series micro PLC stands out.