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Optical fiber to CAN | CAN fiber converter in real life

    Optical fiber to CAN, as a new generation technology, is widely used in intelligent transportation track engineering, building security projects, and internal renovation of fans. Today, Guangcheng Technology will use the CAN fiber converter to talk about its application in real life.
    In a long-distance transmission network system, optical fiber is often used as a communication transmission medium. This is because optical fiber communication has a series of advantages such as high speed and strong electromagnetic interference resistance. CAN bus is a field bus that is currently used in many industries. Due to its advantages of strong anti-interference ability, short message, good real-time performance and low networking cost, CAN bus is widely used in harsh environments, large electromagnetic radiation, and reliable Industrial automation field and automotive parts control with high requirements.
    However, there is currently no international CAN bus physical layer standard that uses optical fiber as the transmission medium. Therefore, using the fiber-to-CAN technology networking method to solve the large-capacity and long-distance networking problems of the CAN bus is of great significance to promote the formation of a new standard.
In the substation security system, management personnel can control various equipment at the monitoring center at any time to eliminate major accidents and handle various accidents in a timely manner, ensuring the safety of the substation from many aspects such as production equipment, production facilities, environment, and personnel Production has greatly improved the production capacity of substations.
    With the deepening of the reform of the management system of the power industry and the progress of integrated automation technology in substations, the substations have gradually transitioned to unattended. The working environment for substations is relatively special. First, the equipment must be guaranteed to work normally under strong electromagnetic interference, and it must not emit super strong interference to prevent interference with the normal operation of the substation equipment. It can work normally in the worst case. The third is to ensure that the security equipment can accurately and timely convey information such as images and sounds to the monitoring center.
    The application of fiber-to-CAN technology is not only applied to security systems, but also to industrial transmission anti-interference line transformation, subway tunnel detection system, fan internal transformation, and so on. To this end, CAN fiber converters play a vital role.