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Comparison between domestic PLC brands and international lar

Before comparison, let's talk about PLC, which is the abbreviation of PLC and can be regarded as a computer in the field of industrial control. It connects all kinds of communication buses through special communication interface, such as can bus, such as RS232 bus, such as network cable, etc., and collects the data of numerous IO nodes for background reception and analysis. There are many IO interfaces on PLC equipment, that is, data input and output interfaces. Through the use of current pulse and other media, all kinds of instructions are sent and received. Perhaps careful friends have noticed that this kind of PLC equipment is called PLC, which means that it can be programmed and can change its own control instructions, which is the biggest advantage of it compared with the traditional relay controller that cannot be programmed. Because the volume is relatively small, the connection is relatively small, the installation and disassembly are very convenient, plus the programmable operation, the project has strong adaptability and flexible operation, so it has been widely used in steel, petroleum, chemical industry, power, building materials, machinery manufacturing, automobile, light textile, transportation, environmental protection, cultural entertainment and other industries, and it is the future industrial Internet construction One of the core devices.
Because PLC equipment has such a strong performance and broad use prospects, then its market value will naturally rise, and it is precisely because of this, numerous domestic related manufacturers have invested in the research and development and production of related equipment. Of course, your excitement is understandable, but the reality is that PLC equipment has been transferred to us from abroad. Before we developed related products, PLC has been very mature in foreign countries. Today, the types and performance of its products are certainly stronger than that of domestic products, and its advantages are mainly shown as follows:
                                    PLC application scenario
1. Brand advantages
At the beginning of the market development of domestic PLC brand, the foreign PLC brand will still be more recognized by users for a long time, thus increasing the difficulty of market development for domestic PLC brand.
2. Application performance advantages
Compared with the PLC products of domestic companies, the application performance of PLC equipment of international famous PLC manufacturers is more, and their product performance quality and technical support are more trusted by people.
3. Product line advantages
As the development time is very long, the PLC equipment product line of the international famous PLC manufacturer is very perfect, the product variety is many, has occupied the majority market share.
Of course, domestic PLC brands are not without advantages. Compared with foreign PLC manufacturers, they also have the following advantages:
(1) demand advantage
Domestic PLC manufacturers can understand the needs of Chinese users accurately, and develop and produce marketable PLC products according to the requirements of Chinese users.
(2) advantages of product customization
Due to the fully localized R & D, production, sales and technical support, domestic PLC manufacturers can customize personalized products according to the special needs of users.
(3) cost advantage
Due to the fully localized R & D, production, sales and technical support, domestic PLC manufacturers have greater cost advantage, which is directly converted into product price advantage.
In order to meet the needs of PLC users, Shenyang Guangcheng Technology Co., Ltd. has also launched a special PLC equipment gcan-plc series. Shenyang gcan-plc series domestic PLC is a bus module controller integrated with PLC function. It can be used to connect can bus system, MODBUS system and distributed bus terminal module, and these terminal modules can be expanded by modularization.
                       PLC of Guangcheng Technology Co., Ltd
Gcan-plc series domestic PLC consists of a programmable main control module (gcan-plc-400), several GC series IO modules (gc-1008, gc-3804, etc.) and a terminal module. Gcan-plc-400 main control module can connect all GC series IO modules. Users can choose to expand IO modules according to the actual needs of the site. The number of expansion IO modules can reach 32. Gcan-plc-400 main control module supports automatic configuration. Users do not need to set parameters on the PC. The main control module will automatically configure according to the front and rear positions of the inserted terminal module.
If you want to know more about gcan-plc series domestic PLC or domestic PLC brand, please click the link below