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To know a practical serial to CAN converter_Guangcheng Techn

Before can bus appeared, industrial control bus was the world of serial bus, such as RS485, such as RS232, such as RS422. To some extent, these serial buses were the irreplaceable control tools of their time, and also met the needs of the time. However, the trend of social development is constantly improving, and the past things will be eliminated sooner or later, only a matter of time. Today, with the popularization of large-scale collaborative production mode, the traditional serial bus can no longer meet the needs

                                            Guangcheng technology serial port to can equipment
1. Few contact equipment can be connected. A serial bus like RS232 can only connect one node device, so the control efficiency is extremely low.
2. Data transmission distance is close. The data transmission distance of RS232 bus is less than 100 meters. With such a short data transmission distance, how many production equipment can you expect it to accommodate?
3. The speed of data transmission is slow. The data transmission speed of RS232 bus is below 100kbps, and there is basically no signal after 50m.
4. The system has poor anti-interference ability. If encountering a certain degree of external electromagnetic interference, the serial bus is prone to node damage, and this node will continue to send error data to the bus, resulting in the collapse of the whole line, RS232 or RS485 are the same.
5. High maintenance cost in later period. Because of the low efficiency and easy damage of production control, the serial bus needs to be maintained frequently, and this cost is not low.

In order to make up for these shortcomings of the serial bus, engineers decided to develop a bus system which can replace the serial bus, and can bus came into being. Compared with the serial bus, can bus has the advantages of fast data transmission speed (the highest baud rate value is 1000kbps), long data transmission distance (the farthest data can be transmitted to 10km away without relay), strong anti-interference ability (differential voltage signal shielded twisted pair transmission data). There are many node devices that can be connected (one can bus can connect 110 node devices at the same time in theory), and the later maintenance cost is low, so it is an ideal industrial control bus. However, in the past, because the market share of serial bus was too large, it could not be completely replaced for a while, plus the urgency of some projects, so the engineers decided to adopt a compromise scheme, using a serial to can converter that can convert serial data and can data to each other to achieve the purpose, among which the outstanding one is g of Shenyang Guangcheng technology Can-207 serial to can converter, let's briefly introduce it.
                                            Guangcheng technology serial port to can equipment
Gcan-207 serial to can converter of Shenyang Guangcheng science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a general-purpose serial to can conversion module newly developed by our company. Compared with the traditional conversion module, gcan-207 serial to can converter is not only upgraded in hardware, but also adopts online conversion technology, that is, it can use software to configure its serial communication mode (232 or 485) without removing the jumper wire. In terms of function, "format conversion" mode is added, gcan-207 serial port to can converter is adopted, PC, PLC or other serial port networking equipment can be easily connected to CAN-bus network, forming control nodes for data processing, data collection and data analysis in CAN-bus network fields such as field bus laboratory, industrial control, intelligent community, automobile electronic network, etc. It is a powerful tool for CAN-bus product development and data analysis. At the same time, gcan-207 serial to can converter has the characteristics of small size, convenient installation, etc. it is a reliable assistant for engineering application, project debugging and product development.