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The difference between can fiber demodulator

What is can bus? Let's talk about it briefly. The so-called can does not mean "can" in English. It is the acronym of controller area network, which is developed by Bosch Company in Germany. Many people in Bosch know that it is the leading brother in the field of automotive electronic products. Its main products basically have such and such relations with automobiles, and can bus is no exception. The original intention of the invention of CAN bus is to add fuel to the development of automotive electronic products. Later, because of its several good features, it is also applied to the fields of artificial intelligence development, tram control, fire engine networking, industrial automation production, etc. So, what are these excellent characteristics of CAN bus? Let's talk about:
1. Feature 1: ultra long data transmission distance, up to 10km. This may not sound very far, but if you compare it with other types of industrial bus, you will find that can bus is still very good. Because of the bus system like 232, its data transmission distance is only tens of meters. It's more frightening than not knowing.
2. Feature 2: super fast data transmission speed, the baud rate value can reach 1000kbps within 40m, and only when it exceeds 40m, the speed will gradually decrease to 10km, and the baud rate value is 5Kbps, which is also very good in all kinds of buses.
3. Characteristic 3: can bus can connect a large number of node devices at one time, and one can bus can connect 110 nodes. In addition, it has the super anti-interference ability, which makes it the most promising industrial bus.
Generally speaking, equipment such as gcan-208 can optical fiber debugging demodulator of Shenyang Guangcheng technology can be divided into single channel and double channel. The so-called path refers to a unit that can send and receive data independently. Only sending or receiving data cannot be called a path. Generally speaking, the gcan-208 can fiber debugging demodulator of Shenyang Guangcheng science and Technology Co., Ltd. is divided into two types: one can with one fiber and two can with one fiber. The so-called "several cores" refer to several plugs for installing optical fiber wires. One plug is a single core and two plugs are two cores. A single core is connected to an optical fiber, in which data transmission and receiving are completed simultaneously. The two core optical fiber is a core to send data and a core to receive data. If you want to use it, you should make sure of these first to avoid problems during installation.
Gcan-208 can optical fiber debugging demodulator of Shenyang Guangcheng technology can convert can bus data into optical signal and transmit it through optical fiber. By using gcan-208 can fiber debugging demodulator in pairs, users can easily extend the communication distance of CAN bus, effectively eliminate the long-distance communication interference, and prevent the bus from being damaged by electromagnetic interference, ground ring interference, lightning strike, etc.