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Introduction of io module equipment based on CAN bus

For us ordinary people, the IO module is a very strange concept, but in the industrial application field, the name of the IO module is so familiar. We first explain about the I/O module, what does it do:
IO module
 GCAN-1008 I/O module

The I/O module, is the meaning of input and output, in general IO module is divided into two parts of IO device and IO interface. Different I/O module methods have different implementation modes and performances and can be selected according to the situation in applications. It is generally used in conjunction with an industrial PLC device (programmable logic controller). After the device receives the data, it converts the data into a control signal and sends it again to control the node devices on the Internet of Things, similar to the relay of the power industry.

We all know that a relay is a large switch used to control electrical equipment that may be harmful to human health. This large switch requires a small switch for secondary control. The IO equipment is a bridge between people and objects which can indeed connect devices that do not have networking functions original. Here are several types of IO module applications following:
(1) Node control of industrial fieldbus
(2) LED display with single-chip switch control
(3) Static display of digital tube controlled digital tube

IO module
Industrial computer using I/O device module

In the above, we mentioned the industrial field bus. As an industrial control device, I/O modules and industrial fieldbus have inseparable links. In general, industrial fieldbus has CAN bus, RS232 bus, RS485 bus, RS422 bus and so on. Among them, the CAN bus is outstanding for its long distance data transmission (up to 10KM), high the baud rate (up to 1Mbps), large amount of node devices, and the stable and secure signal transmission (one node). Basically, new controller devices will choose to be compatible with the CAN bus, but in the past, many IO modules did not support it. Therefore, the introduction of the io module based on the CAN bus is particularly important. Among them, GCAN's fieldbus remote I/O coupler and PLC terminal module are undoubtedly your best choice.

GCAN Fieldbus Remote I/O Module is a CAN bus-based io module that can use fieldbus protocols such as CANopen or MODBUS. This module is designed for users who require a large amount of I/O acquisition and control, and is mainly used in distributed data acquisition and control systems. The high-speed processor and communication bus can easily handle multi-channel digital/analog input/output, which makes this CAN bus-based io module especially suitable for high real-time performance. Industrial site acquisition, control and other tasks.

The CAN bus-based io module is composed of a bus adapter, multiple I/O modules and a terminal terminal module. It uses a expandable structure to connect up to 32 I/O external modules. It is also possible to combine the I/O acquisition or control system that meets the needs of the site according to your own needs, which is highly flexible to use.

IO module
IO module device GCAN-8000 based on CAN bus

If you would like to know more about this CAN bus-based io module device, please click on the link below to learn more.