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CAN bus based on the functions of the public bicycle managem

    Due to the acceleration of economic development and the increase of urban population travel, urban traffic congestion has become a common phenomenon.As one of the components of public transportation, the importance of public bicycles is indispensable.CAN bus is one of field buses.A management system commonly used for bicycles.

    The public bicycle management system is a service that places bicycle group nodes in multiple places, and allows users to borrow a bike at a rental point. After simple procedures, users can return the bike at a different borrowing point.Through the management system, improve the efficiency of the user's travel, reduced travel costs, but also to expand the scope of provide service for the user, the user can use around, and not be restricted by time and place, really achieve multiple users to share, multi-user management data unified management, make the whole system platform more unified coordination, convenient and quick.The system platform operates the bike rental service under the Internet architecture, which can greatly reduce the management cost of users.
    System can achieve the function: truly realize the intelligent car rental and return under the condition of no management. That is, the magnetic card with personal information can be handled through procedures, and the car rental and return service can be realized in the normal settlement point by swiping the card. Card management center by computer keeps statistics transmission car rental and car information, through CAN bus and the control cabinet, background database for each site real-time monitoring, timely check each point of the vehicle state borrowed, for each point of lease vehicle scheduling, when the main control system of the computer network and GPRS fails, the system CAN run normally, will not affect the borrowed bicycle rental point, the voice prompt and convenient for renters borrow the car and the car.
    This paper is a public bicycle system based on CAN bus. It describes in detail the overall hardware composition of the management system and the ways to borrow and return cars. The main business is to borrow and return cars independently.