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GCAN CAN-bus Data recorder

CAN-bus Data Recorder

CAN-bus data recorder is a module used for storing CAN-bus data. The module integrates one or two CAN-bus channel. It's the perfect solution for real-time storage of CAN-bus data.
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The recorder uses a TF card for data storage, and brings the TF card back to your office for data analysis  The module is suitable for systems that require CAN-bus history data collection, message analysis for error. It is widely used in automobiles, rail vehicles, industrial control and other system. Especially suitable for systems that have a large amount of data and are difficut to troubleshoot

Power supply: DC+9~30V (24V, 100mA)
Integrate 1 or 2 CAN-bus interface, use OPEN3 or OPEN4 terminal
CAN-bus support CAN2.0A, CAN2.0B, conform to ISO/DIS 11898
CAN-bus baud rate can be configured by DIP switch between 5Kbps~1Mbps
CAN-bus interface with electrical isolation, isolation level: DC 1500V
Max received data flow of each channel: 8000 fps
Time stamp resolution approx. 0.1ms
Use TF card, GCAN-401(one channel) support 32G, GCAN-402 (two channel) support 128G
With real-time system clock, support for storing data and files by date
Working temperature: -40°C~+85°C
Various functions to support customer on-demand customization 
Delivery component

  CAN-bus data recorder
  Card reader
  USB data cable
  User manual, software instructions

Ordering information

Product name Model
Single-channel CAN-bus data recorder GCAN-401
Dual-channel CAN-bus data recorder GCAN-402

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