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How to choose CAN to Fiber optical converter

Today we will introduce you to how to choose CAN to fiber optic devices.
We know Fiber has single mode and multi mode, has FC, SC, or ST inteface. And sometimes we use 1 fiber, sometimes 2 at the same time.
After you learnt what kind of device you need, how do you choose?
Let's look at the picture below:
For example: 

GCAN-208-1-1-2-SC means 1 fiber interface and 2 CAN interface, single fiber, multi mode, SC interface.

First, you should know how many CAN/Fiber interface you need.
Devices at both ends in the figure below, have 1 Fiber interface and 2 CAN interface.
The middle device in the figure below, has 2 fiber interface and 1 CAN interface
Second, make Fiber type clear, Single mode fiber or Multi mode fiber.
Than, how many fiber should be used, usually single or double fiber. 

Last, choose the right Fiber interface: FC, SC, ST.
Last of the last, don't forget tell GCAN your need model.

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