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Things you should know about buying CAN equipment

CAN bus is also called Controller Area Network. It is a widely used industrial control bus system, such as fire host networking, industrial automation production, and tram control. We cannot do without it. Because of the popularity of the CAN bus, many related industries have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, and there are countless practitioners. In order to make better use of the CAN bus to create value, many people began to purchase CAN bus-related equipment on various e-commerce platforms for research, such as USBCAN analyzers, CAN data conversion gateways, and so on. However, after many buyers have purchased the equipment, they will often have a lot of conflicts with the seller, and sometimes even break up. In fact, most of the time, conflicts are often caused by misunderstandings. If you understand the following things, I believe you will have a better buying experience.
1. The use of CAN bus equipment requires a certain technical background. In other words, you have to master some basic knowledge of CAN bus. If you use it directly by yourself, I believe there will be no results. If you buy it without knowing anything, and don't use it, but let the after-sales staff teach you step by step and compare your heart to heart, then the conflict will definitely break out.
2. If you encounter the problem that the CAN bus device cannot communicate normally, first consider three points. The first is whether the resistance is added or not, the second is whether the CAN high and the CAN low are connected reversely, and the third is the matching of the baud rate setting. match. Normally, after these three connections, you can communicate normally. If it still does not work, you are consulting with the after-sales personnel.
3. Philosophically speaking, value determines the price. If a CAN bus device has more comprehensive functions than other similar devices, supports more types of software, and uses better quality, then its price must be higher than other devices. of. After you understand this truth, please don't try to spend the money from Alto to drive an Audi, which is unrealistic. As long as it is a product that can be put on the shelf, its details page will have various parameter functions and so on. If what you need is not there, you can first consult the pre-sales service staff to confirm whether it is really not there. If you get a definite response, you can decide whether you want to buy something with better performance. Don’t do anything. Knowing it, but after buying it, I demand that the device realize the functions it does not have.
4. CAN bus devices generally come with manuals. If they are more complicated to use, they may also include instruction CDs or cloud disk materials. These manufacturers usually provide them with the equipment. Therefore, when you encounter a place you don’t know when using CAN equipment, first look at the manual and figure it out for yourself. If you really don’t understand, then consult the after-sales service. This will also help you develop your independent learning and creative ability.
5. If you use WeChat to communicate with after-sales personnel, please try to use typing or video calls instead of long voices that take tens of seconds. You can understand it naturally. You may hear half of the wrong press and start from the beginning. , Repeated several times, my heart will explode.