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CAN-bus to RS-232 for fire protection

Under normal circumstances, we feel that this kind of tall fire-fighting system can only appear in heavy industrial sites such as oil depots and chemical plants. However, with the development of science and technology and the improvement of everyone’s fire-fighting awareness, the fire-fighting host networking system has slowly come to us. By the side of the general public, your community may already have it but you don't know it. Of course, we hope that it will never be used that day.
The structure of the fire host networking system is actually similar to the PLC in the industrial control field. The host computer is connected to the main control through the communication bus, and then the main control separates several nodes to send and receive receipts, but the end of each IO connection is no longer The corresponding production machine is a sensor that warns of fire. When there is a sign of fire at a certain location in the building, such as abnormal temperature rise, or when there is smoke, the corresponding sensor will detect it, provided that there is a sensor in that location! After the sensor receives the warning information, it is quickly transmitted to the main control and the upper computer. The main control room of the upper computer receives the message, and the next step is to alarm 119 or go directly to it, which depends on actual needs. Wait, have we forgotten something, yes, how did the sensor transmit the warning information to the main control room? The answer is the communication bus. It turns out that everyone uses the serial port type, not because it is irreplaceable, but because they were the only ones in that era. Later, with the advancement of technology, more excellent buses such as the CAN bus appeared one after another. The status of the serial bus as the communication bus of the fire host is becoming more and more unstable. Can we use the CAN bus to replace the serial bus to achieve our goals? The answer is of course yes, you only need a CAN-bus to RS-232 tool to achieve the purpose, such as Shenyang Guangcheng Technology's GCAN-207.
Shenyang Guangcheng Technology GCAN-207 CAN-bus to RS-232 tool is a universal serial-CAN conversion module newly developed by our company. Compared with the traditional conversion module, CANCOM not only upgrades the hardware workmanship, but also uses With online conversion technology, you can use software to configure its serial communication mode (232 or 485) without removing the jumper. In terms of functions, a new "format conversion" mode is added, and CANCOM conversion modules are used. PCs, PLCs or other serial port networking devices can be easily connected to CAN-BUS networks to form fieldbus laboratories, industrial control, smart communities, automotive electronic networks, etc. CAN- The control node of data processing, data acquisition and data analysis in the field of BUS network. It is a powerful tool for CAN-BUS product development and data analysis. At the same time, CANCOM has the characteristics of small size and convenient installation, and is a reliable assistant for engineering application, project debugging and product development.