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A multi-purpose CAN-RS232 converter is really important

Friends who are familiar with industrial buses know that the 232 bus is a serial bus. In addition to it, RS422 and RS485 also belong to this category. However, relatively speaking, RS232 and RS485 are used more, so the number of their accessory products is also More abundant. What is an accessory product? We know that under the current industrial production needs, the traditional serial bus, even RS485, is a bit unable to meet the needs, let alone 232. So, can we replace the 232 serial bus with other more ideal buses? It can be, but it involves time and cost issues, and it cannot be done overnight. Therefore, we need a kind of data conversion tool, let it realize the data conversion between CAN bus and serial bus, directly let the old equipment glow with new vitality.
Some friends may ask, why use CAN bus instead of serial bus? Because they have strong overall performance! Because the overall price is high? From the data transmission speed, to the data transmission distance, to the ability to resist external interference, to the self-checking mechanism, to the difficulty of bus development, the CAN bus has advantages, so who can use it without it? After understanding the advantages of CAN bus, we can understand why the CAN-RS232 converter is so popular. However, it is also a CAN-RS232 converter, and the implicit difference is very big! Next, we will have a brief chat.
Although this type of device is called a CAN-RS232 converter, many manufacturers actually integrate the ability to convert CAN to 485 data, but because of habit, it is not directly called a serial port to CAN device, but is still called a 232 to CAN device. Of course, not all manufacturers have this aspect of operation. Some friends really assign functions to the device strictly according to the product name, yes, yes, it is CAN to 232, to 485 or something, please buy another special device of. In fact, it does not require too much difficulty and technology to integrate CAN to 232 function and 485 function in the same device, because they are all serial buses, which are of the same root and the same source, and it is not too much to support both. In contrast, if you want a device to support CAN-to-serial and Ethernet at the same time, it is a bit difficult, or a device that can implement three or even more serial-to-CAN functions, it is not realistic, cost and difficulty Can you afford it? Therefore, the dual-purpose CAN-RS232 converter has reached a delicate balance in many dimensions, and it is naturally very practical and convenient to use.
Since it is a serial port to CAN device, then we have to mention its data conversion method. Generally speaking, there are three data conversion methods for this kind of tools, namely: transparent conversion, transparent conversion with logo and format conversion. Remember, not all CAN-RS232 converters support these three data conversion modes at the same time. Be sure to ask clearly before buying and choose the most suitable related tool.
Shenyang Guangcheng Technology also launched the related CAN-RS232 converter tool GCAN-207 to meet everyone's needs for the CAN-RS232 converter. Shenyang Guangcheng Technology GCAN-207 CAN-RS232 converter is a universal serial-CAN conversion module newly developed by our company. Compared with the traditional conversion module, CANCOM not only upgrades the hardware workmanship further, but also adopts online conversion. Technology, that is, you can use software to configure its serial communication mode (232 or 485) without removing the jumper. In terms of functions, a new "format conversion" mode is added, using CANCOM conversion module, PC, PLC or other serial port networking equipment can easily access CAN-BUS network, forming fieldbus laboratory, industrial control, intelligent community, automotive electronic network and other CAN- The control node of data processing, data acquisition and data analysis in the field of BUS network. It is a powerful tool for CAN-BUS product development and data analysis. At the same time, CANCOM has the characteristics of small size and convenient installation, and is a reliable assistant for engineering application, project debugging and product development.