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USB to CAN module interface

CAN bus, which is an industrial field bus developed by German Bosch Company, is mainly used in the field of industrial control and automotive control. It has fast data transmission speed, strong anti-interference ability, long data transmission distance, and many node devices that can be connected. The advantage is that it is currently the most popular fieldbus. Because the project responsible for the CAN bus is closely related to the safety of our lives and property, and we can't expect the CAN bus to never go wrong, the USB-to-CAN module dedicated to the detection and maintenance of the CAN bus came into being. However, we also mentioned above that the application field of the CAN bus is very wide, so sometimes the interface type of our usb to can module should also meet the needs of the project. Therefore, at least three types of CAN interfaces have been proposed, as follows:
1. The multi-P terminal interface, which is made of plastic material, can be inserted and fixed by twisting the twisted pair connected to the CAN bus through a screwdriver. This is the most popular CAN interface design mode of the USB to CAN module. When facing projects that can directly connect twisted pairs, the multi-P terminal interface is wired correctly. When encountering the project of detecting the CAN bus for the car, we can use a conversion connector with one side of the OBD interface and one side of the twisted pair to achieve the purpose. If you encounter a project that requires a DB9 connector, the solution is the same as OBD, but it is just a new type of adapter.
2. OBD interface, some USB-to-CAN modules are used for car detection, so as long as you think about how you can connect to the OBD, so this type of usb-to-can module looks the same as the data line, one side is the OBD interface, One side is a USB interface, which is more convenient to carry.
3. DB9 interface, its design purpose and choice of interface type are the same as USB to CAN module of OBD interface, but the connector becomes DB9 interface.
In comparison, the USB-to-CAN module with multi-P terminal interface is more versatile, the project is more adaptable, and it is more recommended for your use. However, when encountering specific projects, it is still necessary to analyze it first and then make the optimal select. The various USB-to-can modules introduced above are available from Guangcheng Technology.