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Advantages of CAN FD analyzer compared with ordinary CAN ana

Today, with the continuous development of technology, in today's society where new energy vehicles, autonomous driving and other technologies are constantly developing, the transmission rate and bandwidth of the CAN bus are increasingly unable to meet people's development. In today's smart society, in order to meet people's The demand for intelligence, the upgraded version of the CAN bus CAN FD application was born, today I want to share with you what are the advantages of Guangcheng Technology's new CAN FD analyzer compared with ordinary CAN analyzers? Let's get to know it with the editor!
Guangcheng Technology's CAN FD analyzer is a high-performance CAN FD interface card developed by Guangcheng Technology specifically for CAN FD networks. The device integrates 2 CAN FD interfaces to support ISO standard CAN FD and Bosch CAN FD standards. Engineers can use this device to debug, analyze CAN FD or ordinary standard high-speed CAN networks, and use the functions in ECAN Tools software to send and receive data easily

The advantages of CAN FD analyzer compared to ordinary CAN analyzer are:
1. Support standard CAN2.0A/B and CAN FD data communication
CAN FD analyzer can not only support ISO/Bosch standard CAN FD format data, but also compatible with standard CAN2.0A/B format data. When the CAN FD analyzer is used to test the CAN FD network, the maximum baud rate can be set to 5Mbps, and the maximum data length can be configured to 64 bytes, which can meet the usage of CAN FD network monitoring, analysis, and testing on the market.
2. It has two independent CAN/CAN FD channels and the signals are isolated from each other

The CAN FD analyzer has two independent CAN/CAN FD channels, and the data between the two channels will not affect each other. Users can use the device to connect two independent CAN/CAN FD networks at the same time.
The electrical isolation level of the two CAN bus interfaces of the CAN FD analyzer and the external CAN bus is 2500V, which can effectively avoid the backflow damage caused by the different ground potentials of different nodes, and is particularly suitable for the testing of electric vehicles and trains.
3. CAN FD bus with variable baud rate can be tested
The frame data segment of standard CAN FD data supports variable baud rate, and the CAN FD analyzer supports variable baud rate function, so almost all CAN FD networks in the market can be tested and analyzed.