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The reason for the launch of CANFD bus

From the name of the CAN FD bus, we know that this thing should have some origins from the CAN bus that is commonly used in cars now. This is also the case. It can basically be regarded as an accelerated version of CAN bus data transmission. Why do most cars now use CAN bus as the control system of the car? Because compared with other types of serial bus, the CAN bus has advantages in data transmission speed, anti-interference ability, number of connectable node devices, and data transmission distance. It has good comprehensive performance and can be used by most people in terms of price. Bear, is a kind of car bus with high cost performance. However, the times are evolving, society is progressing, and the design of the car is becoming more and more complicated, and there are more and more electronic systems on it. When we rub the WiFi network in our daily life, we will find that the speed of one person using a hotspot to access the Internet is different from that of five or six people using a hotspot to access the Internet. Because the bandwidth is fixed, the more people, the more average traffic The less, the slower it is to use. The same is true for the automotive CAN bus. Its fastest data transmission speed is only 1000Kbps, and there are a lot of losses and restrictions in actual use. It is generally good to reach half, and the bandwidth of only 500Kbps has to bear more and more. Electronic equipment, can you think about this experience? Therefore, we need a car bus with faster data transmission speed and larger network bandwidth.
Some knowledgeable friends say that you can use Flexray or MOST bus. Doesn't it mean that its data transmission speed is above 10Mbps? That's right, but eating a fat man is choking to death. The Flexray or MOST bus does have good performance and sufficient bandwidth, but it is also more strenuous to develop, because their working principle is completely different from the current mainstream CAN bus. If you all replace them, the software does not need to be redesigned, the hardware needs not It needs to be completely changed. Who will be able to afford Lenovo's total car volume in the world now? Of course, we are not saying that these high-end buses are completely unnecessary. In terms of their characteristics, it will be a matter of time before they become mainstream, but at least for now, because of technology and cost, we have no way to scale up To popularize them, what we need is a transition product with little change but an obvious improvement, yes, CAN FD.
The CAN FD bus is actually a CAN bus that accelerates data transmission. The highest baud rate value is increased from 1M to 5M, and the number of data transmission bits is increased from 8 to 64. Others have not changed much, you only need one CAN to CAN FD transceiver allows node devices that originally only supported the CAN bus to use CAN FD for data transmission