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How is the beautiful lighting of the NBA controlled?

How do field personnel control so many types of lights in the venue? You know, as a stadium that can accommodate tens of thousands of people, the number of lights in the area is also an astronomical number. Is there a thousand people to control a thousand lights? Certainly not, in fact, this is the credit of the industrial controller PLC.
The scientific name of PLC is called programmable logic controller. As its name suggests, it can be programmed. The reason it will be programmed is that many applications require it to be programmed. In many cases, the content of industrial control projects is not static. In order to meet the actual needs, engineers must change the control content of the controller in the shortest time. Temporarily change a control device? This is certainly not realistic, but you can use specialized editing software to replace the control content. Compared with the traditional relay control, in addition to being able to change the control scheme in a short period of time, the PLC is much smaller in size and weight than the former. The connection line also looks more concise, so that it is very convenient whether it is installed or disassembled or repaired. Anti-interference ability is also guaranteed. After all, if there are too many controller lines, they will not interfere with each other. No one can guarantee it. So now, PLC has become more and more frequent in various industrial control projects. Miniaturization, plug and play is an important development direction in the future. In order to catch up with this bus, Shenyang Guangcheng Technology has specially introduced the plc small controller GCAN-PLC-400 that meets the above requirements.

GCAN-PLC-400 plc small controller for use with I/O modules
Shenyang Guangcheng Technology GCAN-PLC-400 plc small controller is a bus module controller integrated with PLC function. It has the characteristics of compact shape and high cost performance. It can be used to connect CAN bus system, Modbus system and distributed bus terminal modules, and these terminal modules can be expanded by modular means.
The GCAC-PLC-400 plc small controller is the core of the Guangcheng small PLC series. It consists of a programmable main control module (GCAN-PLC-400) and several GC series IO modules (GC-1008, GC-3804, etc.). ) and a terminal terminal module. The GCAN-PLC-400 plc small controller can be connected to all GC series IO modules. Users can choose to expand the IO module according to the actual needs of the site. The number of extended IO modules can reach 32. The GCAN-PLC-400 plc small controller supports automatic configuration. The user does not need to set parameters on the PC. The main control module will be automatically configured according to the front and rear positions of the inserted terminal module.

The GCAN-PLC-400 plc small controller can be programmed with OpenPCS software, which supports five standard programming languages according to the IEC-61131-3 standard, which makes the program highly portable and reusable. Moreover, the software also has a variety of debugging features (such as breakpoints, single step, monitoring, etc.), making the debugging program more convenient.