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Introduce the PLC controller in a popular question and answe

Question 1: What is PLC?
Answer: PLC is also called PLC controller. It is the acronym of English Programmable Logic Controller. Chinese translation is programmable logic controller. It is an industrial control device. Its soul lies in the ability to perform programming operations according to actual needs. Change your own function.
Question 2: What is the meaning of PLC controller?
Answer: As the philosophical point of view, the existence of a thing must have its existence value. The reason why PLC controller can appear is because the original related control equipment can not meet the actual needs, and PLC needs to make up for the related defects. In general, it helps the relay control system, the engineering personnel control the relay equipment by operating the PLC equipment, and then the relay equipment is in control of the specific industrial production tools.

plc controller

Question 3: What are the advantages of PLC controller compared with traditional relay control equipment?

Answer: Compared with the traditional relay control, the PLC controller is small in size, the production cycle of the whole system takes less time, and it is simpler in wiring, and the system has low failure rate, better reliability and flexibility. If the entire project has major changes, PLC control can change the control scheme in the shortest time, and the cost is not expensive. The most important thing is that it can be networked and is a controller that can communicate directly between systems.

Question 4: What are the general components of PLC controller equipment?
Answer: In general, PLC controller are divided into CPU, power supply, storage and input and output interface circuits. Its central processor unit is generally composed of controllers, operators and registers.

plc controller

Question 5: The IO modules of the PLC controller are generally divided into several categories?
Answer: Engineers with certain PLC experience may have heard countless kinds of PLC IO modules, such as voltage modules, current modules, temperature modules, etc. But if it is classified according to specific criteria, it has only a few major categories. The first classification method, according to the input and output points, PLC can be divided into two major categories of input modules and output modules. The second classification method is classified according to analog quantity or digital quantity. It can be divided into analog quantity (input and output) module or digital quantity (input and output module). In addition, there is one type of communication module not in the above two types. List it separately for use or analysis.

Question 6: What are the advantages and disadvantages of the analog and digital modules of the PLC controller?
Answer: Because both analog modules and digital modules are suitable for different fields of application, they are generally not directly replaceable. Users should choose the most suitable IO module according to their needs, instead of blaming them. If so, it is likely to play a role. opposite effect.

plc controller
GCAN-PLC-400 main control module

Question 7: Is there any specific PLC controller product with high cost performance recommendation?
Answer: At present, many manufacturers in China are producing PLC control equipment, but many do not support CAN bus, and CAN bus is particularly important. Therefore, it is very necessary to find a PLC controller with integrated CAN port. . The GCAN-PLC series PLC controller of Shenyang Guangcheng Technology is a modular and arbitrarily expandable PLC module. The module consists of a programmable main control module (GCAN-PLC-400), several I/O modules and a terminal terminal module. The main control module uses a high-speed CPU with powerful computing and processing capabilities. The main control module also has three fieldbus communication interfaces: Ethernet, RS232/485, and CAN. Users can use these communication buses to access the corresponding network to communicate with other devices. Basically able to meet all your needs, it is recommended.
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